Spit Poet

September 21st 2009



Check my personal website with my merchandise on it!


Spit Poet Spit Showcase September 21st 2009

The Show is taking place on the 21st of this month, 7:30-10:30pm, Free event with Merchandise for sale after wards, ranging from $5-15. After this showcase we're looking to perform around Cleveland, paid event hopefully, but even if we can just sell our merchandise we'd be happy. So if you'd like to contact us about a gig or performance opportunity. Please feel free to email the SpitPoetSpit email, Spitpoetspit@yahoo.com or contact me personally at Ericodum90@yahoo.com, either way you will get an answer :D



Welcome to Spit Poet Spit, I (Verbal Influence A.K.A Eric Odum) decided that it was time to retry this bad boy now that I feel more focused in my endevours. I plan on trying to update this as often as possible with events that will be taking place, plans, poems, videos etc. Regardless, I'm happy to have you here and whether or not you reside in Cleveland, Ohio I personally welcome you to spit poet spit!

Click the picture to reach our facebook page.
Contact us at SpitPoetSpit@yahoo.com as well!



BUSINESS CARDS ARE IN! They look great!


This is the official Spit Poet Spit playlist, as we add videos to our youtube, you'll get the updates through this play list, so you can either subscribe on youtube or just check back here occasionally. Trust me, HELLA vids coming soon!

--Verbal Influence

September 1st 2009

We have a showcase in 20 days :D 1375 Euclid Ave 7:30-10:30pm FREE EVENT with merchandise for sale so trust me this isn't something that you want to miss fareal fareal come down, chill, listen to some poetry. September 21st, bring friends


August 22nd, 2009

The younger members of our group start school back next Thursday but being in a professional show/rehearsing plus going to school on a daily basis is nothing new to them (hell I did it all 4 years) so I'm not at all worried. All of the scenes are written thus, SMILES, now all the pieces need to be memorized plus the scenes need to be memorized. So people, get to workin I feel it comin along slowly but surely.

We got a month until the show, let's see what magic we can put together!


July 28th, 2009

Currently working on getting this Spit Poet Spit performance together, and things aren't running as smoothly as they should...when you have a large group EVERY member needs to be commited.

It's a problem when two main members are missing and we are not able to produce any type of poetry and the date for our performance is coming closer and closer, decisions need to be made about the future of this, because I'm not letting something I started DIE due to people not willing to be on their game.


July 19th, 2009

Just got back from BNV placed in the top 7 yall! Sickness I know! Vids coming, pics uploaded on my personal facebook already but I'll work on puttin them somewhere else soon!

Just checking in letting yall know we're still working!
Watch us!


July 11th, 2009 Things in the works!

We have a set date for the Spit Poet Spit showcase, but you'll just have to wait, but I can tell you *tease* it's late July early August :D

SPS will also have a small book, that you'll be able to buy and have signed at events we're at, we're also putting together a CD that you can, again, buy and have signed at any event and maybe EVENTUALLY you'll be able to buy online but that's WAY in the future!

Right now myself and Phoenix are focused on BNV which we leave for on Tuesday and return Sunday, so let's see how that goes. GREAT networking opportunity so let's see where that get's us.

Send off performance....

Went pretty damn good, a few hiccups that I wish personally could have been avoided, but hey what can you do? It was pretty good overall, got some feedback that will help in making these pieces the best that they can be!

We leave next Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it, but not competing, just BEING there with other poets, god...it's like having all ya best friends in one place!

Slowly putting vids up, don't want everyone to know everything :D


July 1, 2009

The send off performance is in 7 days, 7 VERY SHORT days, but don't worry Cleveland it's fine! We'll be all good!!!!

Yesterday an up and coming film maker *planning on making her own company* interviewed Myself, Cyndii and Jonathon asking about the arts in our lives, of COURSE I found a way to mention Spit Poet Spit and New age poets HAHA they loved it! So happy they did!!

Today there is an interview on the NPR *national public radio* show called Around Noon...which takes places....at Noon :D

They will be interviewing me VerbalInfluence and Jonathon Lykes

IF YOU MISS THE SHOW here is where you'll be able to listen to the podcast


July 8th Send off performance, Team Cleveland SlamU! performance!!!

Come and watch the 2009 send off performance for Team Cleveland before we head off to Chicago July 14th for the BNV international poetry slam. The performance is July 8th, it'd be smart to show up at 6:30

LOCATION: 1375 Euclid Ave. The idea center, East 14th and Euclid Ave
DATE/TIME: July 8th, 7pm
WHO IS IN IT?: According to the photo, left to right. Akeem Rollins, Lee Mckinstry, Jonathon Lykes, Eric 'Verbal Influence' Odum, Cyndii Johnson, Derrick Holifield.

We've been working since the competition ended in April to bring you the best we possibly can, come and watch our hard work come to life!


We have an new email address everyone, one specifically for us.
So you can contact us there if you have any gigs you wants poets at any events...paid would be helpful, cause alot of us are trying to go to college and...well...college costs money :D

We are going to be creating business cards soon, hand those out as soon as possible.

Fliers for our upcoming showcase are going to be circulating around Cleveland libraries, as well as Starbucks etc. etc. anywhere really. You can always email us for more information!

Remember that we have a twitter
or you can ALWAYS check our facebook

as well as THIS site.

It's slow going at first, but we're dedicated to keep this going.

--Verbal Influence


We're not dead, just busy. After finals WOW everything went crazy!!!! A lot had to get done, I had to go to prom, get hours, finish up last minute high school stuff. NOW I am a graduate and I hope I can give more time to this. I think it might go a little better after we get a few performances out there. So let's have some hope. You can always contact us through our facebook, just search SpitPoet.



Follow us on twitter http://www.twitter.com/spitpoetspit
Check the Facebook etc. etc.

Today we're meeting at the Playhouse to polish our pieces for finals, oh God it's gonna be SICK! Make sure to come and watch finals April 17th *THIS FRIDAY* starting at 7 at the Ohio Theater.


-VerbalInfluence A.k.A Eric Odum


Check the facebook page, myspace page has been updated, new twitter comin soon.
Search Clouden3 on youtube or Verbalinfluence for a LOT of videos, but here are some vids from semi's *look above*


-Made a facebook page
-Adding friends
-Spreading word for slam
-Vid of shihan spittin for US at the playhouse!
-Waiting for messages to flood in ideas of where to perform as a group
-waiting to create a Spit Poet Spit poetry group


Adding videos from performance with shihan and a performance he did for us, I don't know if you know this but we are clearly going places. Also, Spit Poet will be teaming up with R.A.W soon to take this to the next level. So new vids comin, drop a comment on the myspace page or leave a comment here on the contact us page

--Verbal Influence


I added a poll/discussion page. I'll post questions and then you can respond to them *you can use your facebook account :D* and umm...yea, posting some vids from youtube here of more poetry ~from def poetry, cause we all love that don't we?~


Gonna add some poetry videos today, so check for that. New play festival auditions are this Thursday and Friday so look for more information about that coming soon, I'll most likely be creating an events page too.


Adding videos today, trying to see what's all well and what not.

--Verbal Influence A.K.A Eric Odum

2/15/09 New Blogs!

There are new blogs in Blog of a Poet and New Age Poets blog, I'll add videos soon once more people come. I'm also working on getting more people to come to the site, A.K.A traffic. Let's see where it goes. For now go check the new blogs and leave a contact info thing alright? Verbal out.

--Verbal Influence A.K.A Eric Odum